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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  February 9, 2013 6:00am-8:00am EST

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3 you aae lloking live at bosson's fenway park where a blizzard is pounding the region. how much snow s ttat region expecting... and how it's affectiig us. &p3 p3 3 "its not my intennion to "its not my inttntion to offfnd anyone." anyone." doctor ben carson has drawn nationaa attention for a speech he gavv with the president sitting just onlyya few feet away. his comments on big government 3- 3 3 ááadlib overrinner harberáá
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3 saturday... february 9th... 2013ááchat with tonyáá &p ,3 ááchat with tonyáá2013february
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3- 3 ven thoughhwe re getting strong winds this
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millions of people in the northeast are getting pummeled bb the blizzard. as chris elch reports thousandss of flightss ave been canceled... and that region is practically shut down. 3 hour after hour, the snow is piling up froo pennsylvania to maine....blanketing the northeast, putting mmlliins of americans at riskk "citizens are listening to the warnings & home" the worst of the storm is underway and ill continue through ssturday morning. some areas could see 2 feet of snow oo more. hundredssof thousands wett heavy snow could ause 3 70 miles per houu. "weewould hope tonight and tomorrow, durrng the brunt of the storm, phat you would all just take the oppprtunity to stay home & with family and friinds" governors throughout the region declareddstates of emergencies. for those lloking to leave oo return home to the
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&pnnrth east, the frustration is mouuting. thousanns oo -3 canceled flights have eft pens of thousands stranded at airpprts. new york is expected to seeea foottof snow. bbt with ssperstorm sandy fresh on - the minds f mann new yorkers, governor andrew cuomo triid to &pput áthisá storm inn -3 perspective. "we just went -3& through some really terrible - storms with sandy we are not anticipating anything like 3&psnow ann the inns that ooficials are worried about with this torm. it's also 3 atlantic coass here. folkk are bbacing for whht coold bb a & associated wwthhthis. so ttere's a lot f factors at -3 play here, a lot of potential danger ouu there as well. reporting from boston, massachusetts, i'm chris welch. 3 funeral services will bb held this morning for legendary state deleeate hattie harrison. 33 p the serviies are expected to start at 11 ooclock this morning at the united house of rayyr foo all people on dgewood road in
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baltimore. harrison was the longest- serving member of marrlann's 3 representing east baltimore for 400years. 3 (mcfadden) "before they used - to use those teems rooe model or role odels for working mothers, actively invoovvd inn schooos, dunbar high school & woold not be what t is were it not for her." at the ageeof 84. &p3 the woman charged with & leaving the bbdy in the trash bin told authorittes she believed tte girl was possesseddby an evil spirit. authorities say 3 booth told police thht she -3& assidey booth... was suffering from a muslim curse. court records say booth wrapped her daughter in blanket and placcd tte booy in & a trash bii. police ound 3& trash transfer station. 3 p we have learned that a deadly hhuse fire in being treated as a suspicious death. death. firefighters say they found a woman innthe basemeet... bbt she was dead when thhy arrived.
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homiciie for hours yesterddy, investigators are only callinggthe death suspicious. neiihhorsssay the victim was a woman nnher 30s & wwo kept to herself. 3 "sse was a qqiettprivate person, didn't bother annone, so it'' trange real sttange" strange"neiihbors say the woman was the onny one living in he house at the time. 3 the teen accused of peninn ffre attperryyhall high school -3 will be tried as an aadlt. attempted murder.his aatorneys wanted the case moved too but a judge denied thattrequest. prosecutoos say ladden & opened fire in the cafeteria on the first day of school... pitting another student. 17-yeaa-old daniel borowy was pcritically injured.. but he &pteacher has been placed on leave after an incident n &pher classroom..- classroom.133 you slammed ti & on thh ground in faae oc: i'm
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not getting ut yyur face 112 152 ,3 getting out your 3 face 152 & 112 the video was posted on ffcebook y ooe of latesha vvdeo,blue goes on a 13 &pminute tirade against one f her feeale studeets and the plass. it isn't clear -3 whattsparked thh iicident. but ssme parents are angry about what happened. the & school is innestigating the incideet. 3&p the wife f joe paterno is coming to her husband's deffnseein a letter seet to formee penn state foooball players. in the lettee.... sue paterno & praises the characcee of the legennary penn state football coach. she also responds to a cathing repprt frrm last july thaa accused joe pattrno and othees of
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sandusky from sexually abusing ppterno says heeplans to -33 release aareview of federal judge louis reeh's rreprt tomorrow. 3 reknowed john hopkins surgeon.... doctor ben carson haa created qqite a stir in washinggtn. & washington. carson spoke out 3 correctness... the national debt,... obamaaare ...and.... &pbig governmmnt...all with thee president sitting just a few feet away. ccrson's speech wassgiven at the natiinal prayerrbreakfast. mother for instilling his sense of self-reliance. 3 "i had a mother who belieeed -3 in me and i hadda mothee who never allowed hersslf to be a victim and no matter what haapened never made excuseds and never accept excess ffom us." 3 to ear all of dr. ben carson's speech log on to - go toothe news menuand then click on tte "your voice" section.
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&pand you can hear froo r. & parsonntomorrow live n our be joining us at 10 o'clook - tomorrow morning only here oo -3 fox 45. 3 the 2013 motor trend pnteenationnl auto shhw has &prolled into baltimore.brinning -3 wwth it hundreds f nnw caass trucks, luxxry rides nd much more. more.amber miller is tteaming - now live from the convention 3 expect uringgthis weekend's festivitiee, -3 3 the show runs 3 the show runs rom 10 this 3 willlbeeopennagain tomorrow--- from 10 to 7.adull ttckets are 10 bbcks.chhldren seven to 12 pay four dollars, mariinne.
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3 3 mmaianne. 3 dollars, mariannee 3
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33 coming up... up... thii littlee piggy will be aaoiding he chopping block.. thanks to a &pgoveenorr the future plans for this pig. 3 you're atching 3 fox45 mornnng
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3 this little piggy won't be visitiig the market. ttat's because iowa governor terry branstad has paadoned the two-month-old piggnamed - bonnie. the governor - pprdoned the pig ahead of -3 today'' lue ribbon bacon & festival. folks aae expeeted to eat about 11-thousand pounds of bbcon att the festival. meaawhile... bonnie is exppeted to live the rest of greaa outdoors.
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3&pááaddib weather chatáá &p
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,3 coming up.... sscurity guards open fire t a boy bby what & offfcials ay triggered the incident 3 ((wipe vo)) and.. t's a -3 moose on the oose. how authorities got the aniial off the streets. yyuure -3 watching fox 45 morning 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 new this morningg.. olice in las vvgas a gunbattll. officials saa the suspect had -exxgirlfrienn last week. a tip led them to an 3 suspect was wiih a wwoan and another man. - poliie shot back, hitting the shooter and the an with him. he suspect is 3 hospital in criticcl condition.
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3 security guards outside a food nd druu aaministrraion lab in washington state pened ffre 3car. the boy was treaaed for a gunshot wound to theeffot. the guard sufferrd minor njuries. p3 3 the former os angellsspolicee officer suspeeted in the -3 killings of an offiier and two others is still oo the run this morning. police have suspended their manhunt innthe snowpackkd forest of the san bernardino mountains untii daybreak. miguel marquez &phas the latest on the search. search. in tte mountains east of laa& a fevvrish search in bbg bear conditions."we're going to continue to ssaach primarill in he mountaii area. theree are a lot offcabins up thhre &pmake sure he isn't hidinggout for the night."today,, arts of southern califorria on lockdown. some 17 million peeple on the lookout by an ex- cop on a urderouu rrmpage. pit's kind of ssary because have friends that live on tte mountain. just conccrned about themmand tte officers too."
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police stations across the cctya& under uardathe homes of lapd officials and guard after being callld out diattibe.thouuandssof police - across the tate called onto dutya&&tensions so hhgha twitchyylapd officers shoot up 3 resembling dorrer's. it pasn't. inside a 71 year old woman and her daughter delivering newspapees. the 71 year old is innintenssve care. daughhee ok. a toorance pooice officer hears those shots, -3 sees a ifferenttblue truck &pleavinn the same neighhorhood, rams it aad fires off roonds into it..still not dorner - just a man going to work - luccily he's ok. the rammage started sunday in irvinn. mmoica quan the daughter of a police official and er - pianca shot and killldon wednesday, near san diegoo pplice say dorner tried to steal a boat.on thursdaa, 1:25
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am in ccrona dornnr aalegedly firessonto two police offiiers, onn is slightty -3 injured.20 minutes later n riversiie - 2 officers ambushed at aastop light. again dorner suspected. onn officer dies, theeothhr - thuusdaa, ddrner's manifesto goes public. and in the &pburned out ttucc is ound with & two guns n it ann footprrnts 3 3 well it'ssnot every day &pyou see a moose oo tth loose... that's what happennd pheir baccyards. theebig ole moose was spotted galavanting frommbackyard to -3 backyard. wildlife resources ere finally abbe to trrnquilize the animal. & 3 coming up... you can throw out those conspiracy theooies. theories. 3 caused the superdome to lloe power ddrinngthe super bowl. & p33 a new traininn
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method tries to bullyypeople into losing weight & what trainers are saying to those weight-watchers.. you're wwtccing fox 44 mornnng nnws...all local.. all 3 3 ((break 3))
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3& it's nn secret nee 3& jerssy governnr chris christie.... llke many americanss.... has struggled with his weight.all the talk
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this week after a 3 christie, critized his weight 3 humor ith it alli...., christie appeared on petterran munching a onut.the incident has put the spotllght on the natton's rising issue with weight and raised questioneddabout whetter some people are being bulliedd because of their wynne takes a closer look at how one iowa gym is battling againss "fat shaming." shamiig." -3 3 "good, good. keep it going. couple morr.."kim meyerris 40 pounnd she's recently lost. "i feel heelthier than i've pver fell before."it's been a long journey..... figghing off the pounds and figgting off the shame she elt from otters - about being overweight."thhy had said i had gotten a little big in a fewwplaces.. out loud." it's called "fat shaming"-- bullying someone -3 beeause they're overweight. (nnts of movii)actress melissa
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mccarthy was blasteddby a -3 critic from the new yorkk observer...whooused words like "trrctor -sized" and "humongous" in aareeiew of mccarthy's new movie "iientiiy &pthief."i'm afraid he's going to ie in office."new jersey &pgovvrnor chris chriitie held a presssconference addressing a pormmr white house doctor who said his weiiht madeehim unfitt -3 to b president."as you begin to eer these words, hhy create a tress in you that's - pery difficult to overromm." thatts why hereethhy focus on sslf-esteem. "trainers here say ore thannhall their clients have been victims of some type of teasing or don't justtemphasize exercise buttencouragement." "gooo, good, very good."words of people like kim get a new bodyy - and nnw found confideece."i've much better." 3 &p3 the owner oo curves gym says along with each of theer weight-loss rograms, each ccient has weekly meeting with trainers where the ocus
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3& coming upp.. -3 3 the former player who inspiree the ravens tt the championship takes center stage. the speeial hhnor that o-j --3 briganceereeeived. 3 ((aaber live teass)) 3 -3
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3 3 33 3
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3 ááadlib chaaáááaturday... 3 february 9th... 2013 3 3
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,33 more than 600-thousandd ppople are waking up in the dark this morning... hanks to a powerful bllzzard thht has slammed the northeast. norrhhest. the blizzard has paked a serious wallop... with hurricane strength winds and producing huge snow totals. & deadly turn. ww''e told that at leasttoneeperson - has died. forecasttrs expect this kind of weather to continue in easternn massachhsetts, rhode islandd &pand maine well nto today.
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3 3first on fox...victim's rights advocates sound the alarm.. .followiiggthe deathhof a pregnnnt mother. mother.33 year olddkatie hadel - apartment, tuesday.the maa charged with mmrder is jeffrey shiflett ... an ex-boyffiend. & ffmily members sayy e threatennd er for years ... evennfrom prison.lasttmonth, - shiflett was released afterr serving timm on a robbbry charge.hadel souugh leeal protection from him.expprts say the syytem ácompletelyá failed her. (4:52:52) she wass & secure prosedcution of him. they had some obligation to i don't know. its not enough mantra has got to stop aad the say we have tt do more."
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ptalkiig...alexxnder says maryland has some of the pweakest aws in the natton..- 3 correction officials say a fight with inmates at the jessup correctional - iistitution. spokesmaa pays an inmate gottinto an arrument with a correctional othhr inmmtesthen atttcked ooficers during a briif fight. one officer was treated and released at a looal hhspital; police are ssiil searching for the suspeet who fatally ptabbbdda teenager after the stabbed and wounddd twooother people. police released these photos of the suspect wearing a white ccpp purple hoodie and tan pants. he'sswanted in connection with the triple & on howarddand fayette streetss..police say 15-year- old deonte smith as stabbed to death downtown after the -3super bowl cclebration 3 police cameea, across the streettfrom the mcdonald's,, 3 if you have any informatiin about thisscase.. call
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3 3 3 úthe myytery is solved! prreans say they now know the cause of the power outtge during he super bowl....and it certainly wasn't eyonce.... beyonce.... 3"we have traced the causs of sunday's outage to an eeectrical relay device. the device was specificaaly inntalleddto protecttthe mercedes-benz superrome -equipment in theeevent of a cable failure between the switch eer and theestadiim..3 3 the electrical outage at the 3 beeween the ravvns and 49-ers 3 a special honor for a formmr ravens player. player. o-j brigance who now teamm front officee aa honoree at tte altimore ssort leggnds - museum.brigance suffers from lou gehrii's disease that has - left him ithout the use f to use hhsslips ann eyes to control a computer that speaks
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&pfor him. the ravens say he's &panninspiration to players and tte ccmmunity..-jjand his wife receiveddthe abe ruth birttplace foundatton community service award. 3 llooiig for sometting to do thii weekend?? well look no urther. the 2013 motor trend international auto phow has rolled into baltimore---iving participants access to the latest rides---anddeveenlettiig them gge behind the wheel. &pwheel. amber miller is steaaiig now from the convention centee what you can expect this weekend. - 3 the show rrns from 10 to 10 -33 today the how runs froo 10 o 10 today and ffom 10 to 7 tickets are 10 bucks.children seven o 12 payy four dollars, marianne.
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3- 3 3 mmriaane. 3 -3 3 coming up... a woman kept &phundreds of rats inssde herrhomm. homee the reason why she had so many rodentt. fox45 morning news... all
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local... all mornnng. 3 -33 ((break 5)
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officials say a wisconsin woman kept more ttan three-hundred rats inside her hhme. they say she haa beennwarrnd several timms too has been evicted. the
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ttww has comdemned the 3 the rats were her friends nd diin't cause ann harm. & 3 ááadlib weatherr
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33 chattá 3 ((aa lib meteorologist))
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3 3 with valentine's ay just days away, many are lookiin for the secret to love..rystal britt tells s about onn couple in mmssouri, who have - been married nearlyy70 years, p3 -3 3 nats laughingnearly 70 years 3 together and reminisce aaout theegood old's see, what year was it?the pprts they remember anyway.marriedd & bad... way back then.september 1943... the year wayne aad polly's journey began.i was 22, i was 17. they ere nnxt door neighbors.i couldn't stand fiist i didn't think too muchhof her, sse -3 just kinda livee there, ttee - of each ooher at first.but it
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hhppened.they fell in llve. this year polly will turnn90 and wayne 87.weere still herr. and very proud of their big family.whoooo had 7 children, 7 children.5 girls ann 22boyy. and have so many randkids, thhy can hardly keep 3 fact, and 25 great - grandchildren!we're not -3 me the family motto has always peen you'll never be oor if 3&pthat survivvd hard eeonomic - times, it's evident what's heed this family togethhe. that--- a good cuu of -3 cofffe... and honesty.little bit of trust, that'' all & for rooance...does he -33 do anything that's just weet? my husband, no.i aaways
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ttought if i as here that was enough, with her.they truly she takes carr of me, she's always done thht, got to give her credit forr hatthe's been a good husband and bben a good father, so.write that down. for waynn--it's fishing. &ppolly---aatiques to live by it. powing to stay together throogh the good imes anddthe -33&pbbd.just kept gging... 70 years of it.and their secret years of ittjuss kept oing... 70 the bad.the good times and 3 stay to liie by it.commitment, supposed you made that commitment, supposed to livee -3&pby it.vowinggto tay together & through the good times and the & bad.just kept goingg.. 70 & yeers of it.and their secret weapon will no doobb help thhs marrrageelast a lifetime.nats- 3 wayne and polly will renew &p70 year anniversary this commng seetember.
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3 coming up... doctorrben -3 parson has drawn national - ppeech... ""is not mm inteetion to offeed anyonee" anyone." he gave it with the president sitting just only a -3 few feet away. his comments on big government 3 and....this quick thinking dog is being hailedda hero this morning. how he aaed a man's liieyou're watching fox45 mornnng news.... alll local.. all morning. 3 p(break 6))
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a kashmiri milittnt convicted of helping organiie an attack on india's parliament was eeecuted today. mohammed afzal guru waa hangedd in a prrsoo on the outskirts of delhi. in december of 20- 01, five mennopened fire inside india's parliament comppex. ten eoplee-- mostly security ooficers-- weree killedd dogs have longgbeen known too fetch things usually sticks orr reports, one canine inn washiigtonnhas that beat...after fetching some
6:50 am
muchhnneded medical treatmennt for itssownerr ownnr. 3pa womannspotted a dogg an &paustralian shepherd mix, with harness. she dialed 911."hi, okay, this iisreaaly weird, but um, here is, liie um, - kind of a homeless doggthat i 3 think he has homelees ownee.""- 'help.'"tumwater police & detective jen kolb shhwed us the nooe:"anddon one end it says, 'send help, no joke, - other side, it says, 'medicine not workkng, need doctor.'"the problem was, tte note wasn'tt signed. police ad no idea where the note ame from. they heard a homelees man with aa dog was often seen in this area."and i saw that guy the other dayyon crutcces, walking liie maybe e can'' move."thee & eventuully founddhim innthis elaborate camp in the woodd. &p"he was absolutely immobiie. he was in his amp, and couldn't move from hiss location, didn't have a phone &pto call anybodd, no way too reacc out to anyone for help,
6:51 am
3&pto die.the police say the note pas a desperate, last-ditchh eefoot to survvve. the homeless man aatached it to his dog buddy'' harness and sent him hh hopes phat somebody wound find it." 3 phe homeless man wasstreated at hospital and released.hee declined to give anninterview, - saying he just wanted to be left alone with his dog, buddy. 3commng up... doctor ben caason has rratee a big buzz over a speech he madeewith the & president sitting just feet away.( what e said about ooamacare and big governmentt 3 diabetes in young kids &pare on the rise. whatt &pexperts are saying o protect pouu children. you're waaching fox45 morning nees... & 3 ((break 7))
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3 renowned johns - created quite a buzz ii pashington this week.
6:54 am
-3&pdoctor caason blasted political corrretness...the - nationaa debb,... obamacarr -3 ....nd... big government with the president sitting just only a few feet away.. jeff barnddhas the story 3 dr carson spoke for more than &5 minutes, tackkingg ssuee -3 ranging rom education to pight off theebat, he spoke about hisa disdain for politxcal orrectness... &pcorrectnesss..2:51---::99n:now people walk around with the felings on their shoulders" out:'you can'' tak about dogs like out:'you can't tak bout - dogs like 3hat" starkly polittcal tone, nation ion the pmet haveesuch prroram?16:11--16:40in;'we ccnt afford toouu;"tthey'ree
6:55 am
impootant to us us 3 dr carson added usuaay we aar -33 our own worst eneey....citing &&panchient rome as a ppime exampll of how istory s cycciical... cycliccal...ancient rooee &pempirical naaions... happeneddto them?out"starr rreading rreading carson then discussede healthcare... a sennitive oppc whhreethe doctor and the president do not agggre aggree21:06--21:37in;""e spend a ot of $ on health care out;"deaah paaels
6:56 am
33&psseech citing... our sttr spangled banner and how americans... have áalwaysá to hear all offdr. ben parson's peech loggonnto - go to the nees menuand hen click on the "your voice" ssctionn 3 caasoo thii weekend livee n our weekend mooning news. he'll be joining us att10 &po'clock tomorrrw morning only 3 coming up in our 7 o'clocc hour... violence breeks out in egypt. eeypt. wwy
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protesters mmrched against &p3 3 and... the 3 new look that has people're wwtching fox45 all morning. 3 ((break 8))
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onboard. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today. 3&pamber adlibs 3 p"t's terrible. who would offer a free divorce for
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valentine's day. vaaentine'ss porrow!" valennine'' day is suppose to be day of love and romance. but onee &pattorney is holding a contest to put an end to t. the reason he's giving away a free divorce. 3 "when they were all in the punch room i oo tte -3 microphone, i received the &ppicrophone and i stood in front of veryyodd and asked 3 prann." a prank gone way to far. what some pigh schoolers did thaa cost their princcpal tt cancel prom -3 for good. and what parents re doing tt retaliate. &p3 3 3 ááadlib weather shotáá
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3 february 9, 2013 3 ffbruary 9, 2013ááadllb chat -3 withh 3 tonyáá p3
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3 //mar//
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3 lucky for bbltimore we didnnt seeesnow but thhre was a few rain showers yesttrday thha made or a messsycommmte homm. and early this orning those -&showwrr turned into gusting wiids. but the same couudn'' be said for other parts oo the country. 3&p this is what it looked -3 like in rochester, new ork phen.....the snow has just &pkept falliig. ssow covered the rounds making the roadwaas verryssiik. plow and sall trucks were -3 alreedy ut manninn he streets. the naaional weather seevvce sayss hat city could get up to seven inches offsnoo. 3 esidents in boston have beennespecially -3 harr it, but thattdoesn't mean there isn'ttroom for a -3 liitle fun! yesterday eeening croodssof people hit tteestreees foo an pmpromptu snowball fight.
7:04 am
freezing fog. &p3 when severe & peatter happens anddschooll close.. you ccn acccss the yoor cell phone.go to foxbaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" aa the top - righthand corner of the & screenn download he fox45 mobile news app for your droid orri-phone. 3 3 &p first n ffo.... victii's rights addocates are speaking out affer a pregnant womaa is stabbed to & death....after seekkng 3 33-year-old katie hadel was attacced at her garrison partment uesday. the man charged with her jefffey & shiflett.....n ex- boyfriend...who family members say thheattned her for years.....even ffom prison. last month shiilett was released afttr serving time on -a robbery charge....but now
7:05 am
advooates say the ssstem has completely faiied her. 3 (4:52:52) "she was tteir witness she helped secure prosecution of him. thee had some obligation to her so why that didn't happen i donnt nothing eese an be we did everything we could. thaa mantra has gottto too aad the community needs to tep up and saa we hhve to do more." more." when ii comes to stalking..... experts say weakest laws in the ation. 3& an annapoois wommn remains behind bars this morning after killing her two- year-old daughter. 25-year-oll chellea booth faces multiile charges including first degree and second murder and child aabse.... after she confessed to laying n top of her daughter...smotherinn her. police were told wednesday ttht the child's body was placed in a dumpsser bbhind boothhs houuinn complex.. turns out the chhld'ssbody was actually miles aawy inna wastt
7:06 am
transport facility innjessupp p & 3 we went oot there and pretty pxhaautiveesix hourr, looking ptrrughhtrash yesterday, we wwre able to find the little girl." -3 girl."" police have no motives for the killing. -3 but boott tood detectives the girl's father putta muslim curse on her....and she believed he child was ppssessed by an vii spirii. 3 3- 3 type ooe diabetess n --33 kids under he age of five are &on the rise. 3 researchers collected data on more tthn 300-thoussnd childrre 14 and younger and found thatt277 were nnwly diabetes. thht's aa29- percent increase since 1985. - thhre was also a 70-percent increese in yoongee. experts adviss ttirstt or ffssy...then talk &pdiibetes test.
7:07 am
3 genetics may play a role in theedevelooment of & alzheimer's....buu its also what you eat that may help -3 keep your mind anddyour memorr strrng. experts say "bad fats" like the ones found innred meat, butter and baaed ggodssincreese your risk of getting alzhhemer's. put foods rich in itamin e....such as almonds...may help reduce your riik by as much as 70-percent. & 3 the 2013 motor trenn inttrnational auto show has rolled intt baltimore.bbinging with it hunddedssof new cars, &ptruckk, luxury rides and much moree more.amber miller issstreaming ccntee with what people can exppcttddring this weekend's -3&pfestivities, 3 tteeshoo runs
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3 fromm10 this mornnng until 11 & toniggt.and will be ooeenaaain tomorrow---from 10 to .adult tickets are 10 bucks.chiidren seven o 12 pay four dollars, marianne.. 3 3 marianne. 3& dollars, 12 pay ourrdollars, -3 marianne. 3 3 & 3 3&p it's aken nearly a &pweek....but thh bbg mystery ii sports isssolved, 3&p it
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wass he most paaled about 34 minutes in history....and now we know new orreans tility oopany announccd what caused the black out during an emeegency hearing. "through our own -investigaaion, we have trrced the cause of sunday's outage tooan electrical relaa device." device." the relaa equupemt inncase power feeder cables fail. the relay is new and worked fine 33 eventt....but those events did 3 ccming up... most people are looking for daa....but this attorney is offering up something elss. else."it's terrible. who would oofer a free divorce for valentine's day. valeetine's day s ffr love not sorrow!" 33phy he's holding a ffee "divorce" contest to anyyaa with the best break-up story. 3 tony adlibssweatteryou're
7:11 am
-3 watccing fox45 mooning 3 news... all local... all &pmorning. 3 ((break 1))
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7:13 am
3 for many means etting flowers, andy, gifts....oh &pand áloveá. but an attorney in michigan is giving away a free divorce on valentine's day to the couple with the best break-up story. - "rod meloni"" hs morr on 3 3 "a totally free ucontested 3 flooer loft fforists, hhy're already cutting and builddng their valentine's dayy special... half a dozen roses with a eddy bear and chocclltes..arb ccmmings askk
7:14 am
-33 the obvious questioo:"it's & terrible. who would offer a freeeddvorce for valeetine's day. valentine's day is for thirddof ssuthfield who is & also a law professor.his eyebrow raisiiggiiea came from &pa studeet's veryydifferent take on love."so she was 3 ccleerate her divorce and i thought about valentine's day &pand said ey why not help someone move on to that independence on valentine's day?"in reality this is a & contest and he's inviting anyone who would like that free valenttnne' divorce to write him a uickknote telling him the circumstances... and yes he's already had several dozen takers with stooies like: "they're asicalll separrted from theer spouss but they'rr living in the houue togethhr & nd it's a very connentious -3 hoose because nn one has the money to movv forward."the - divooce would normally cost roughlyy
7:15 am
benttey, this is roughly like -3the mooie plot of the war of the roses... with happier pnding."we're reaaly loooing for the most heertwarming, ttat person whoottuly deeerves it." ááadllb chatáá 3 3 3 coming up...
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7:18 am
3 many are stilll questioning the attacks on benghazi..- bennhazi.graham: are you surpriied ttaa the president called you, secretary panetta, -3 and say how's it goinn? going? find ut 3 president obbma ádidn'tá do.. and whattlawmakers had tt saa to leon panetta 3 3 it's the same 3 flair. thh - chhnges girls scouts are making to the bbann.....that'ss - making histooy. you'rr watching fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all morniig. 3 ((break 2))
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7:20 am
3 3 new this morning...many on capitol hill ástillá have unanswerrd qqesttons hen it comes toothhepresident and his -3 staaf...about the errorist attacks in benghazi, ast year. is offiiially offfthe jjb, but -&pbeforeehe left... lawmakers leading up o... anddddring the eight hour attaak. & graham: are you surpriied that the president of the united - states never called you, - secretary panetta, and say
7:21 am
how's it going?paaetta: you & now, normally in these 33 know the level f threat? panetta: let me finish the -3 answer. we wereedeploying the forces, he knew we were deppoying the forces, he was being kept updated (crosstalk) graham: well i hate to & interrupt you,,but i ggo limited timee we didn't deploy any forces! forces!the attacks in benghazi left four mmriians dead, 3 ppoppe alllacross the country will o to the whiie house o meet presiddntt obama and receive the 2012 pressdenttaa citizens medal. the president is awarding he six educators kklled in the newtown school 3 p the medal is thh second highest iviliann ooor. tte ceremonyywill bb -3 held next wwek. 33 tte girl scoots cookiee we all love are back in a brand new way. now our favorite cookies haven't changee....but forrtte 3 boxes got a make-over. 3 ww wanted to do was to only are girl scout ccokies - yummy
7:22 am
aad grrat to eat,,in & moderrtion,,but we're also hhghlighting some of the badgessgirls are earning, you know, in ttenny-thirteen. in addition, we're highlighting the gold awardd award. he hundred year old organization celebrated nationaa girr scoutt ookie day yesterray. they saa the coooie sale is the world's laagest 3&p3 coming up... ooe high school principal gets - the last laugh when stuuents take a prank too far. 3 what they did to make her cancel prom forr 3 p3 "it's beaatiful, t's 3 walmart," but it's priendly store. how big this gun store really is. and the surprising pustomers thhyyre trying to targee. yyu'reewatching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn.
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3 3 ((bump n))
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3 coming up.. dance might be fun.... but it won't bring homeethh bacon. pther majors you'll want to avoid before applying to & college. p3 ((amber livv --adlib)))
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33 3 3 ááadlib weather chatáá 3 ááadlib chattwith
7:31 am
3tonyáá & 3& p 3 3 3 a house fire
7:32 am
3 has now turnee into a -3 suspicious death iivestigationn innnorrhweet baltimore. 3 firefigghers sayythee found a woman in theebaseeent, but she was dead when they arrived. omicide detectivvs were on the scene for oors &pinvestiiators are only callinn her 30's who ept to herself. 3 "she was a quiet privvte perron, didn't bother aayonn,
7:33 am
so it's sttrnge real strange" strange"" neighbors say 3 liviig in the hooss at the pime. & more homes in baltimore will be able to ggt grant from b-g-e thh & idea to apply for the grant came up after ttis fire in east baltimooe in october where 5 people were killed. &pthat's when the city's fire chiee... ot a phone call from firefighters foundation. he fire departmenttwill pse he money to buy mooe than department will inssall smoke deteccorr foo residents just need to call p31-1..- 3 the teen accussd of pening fire at perry hall high schooo will beetried as an adult. 3 p 15-yeaa-old --3 roberttgladden is chaared withh attemmted murder.his attorneys wanttd tte case moved to juvenile court but a jjuge denied that request. prosecutors say ladden openee fiie in thh cafeteria & on the first day f sshoool..
7:34 am
3 critically injured.. but he 3 at firrt gganne it looks like any ordinnry store...but this retalier inn &pfforrda is turninn heads. &p "shooters world" is a 62-thousand squareefoot fireaams superstore.. many ustomers are compaaing walmart....becaase it's he the opening of the store comes atta tiie when gun control is a hot topic following the sandy hook massacre. 3& "we waated something to e --3 wideeopen and very accessible to aailies, to women, to bringing your kids ii to shoot," ssid shooters world geeeral maaaaer bruce kktzis.. pwe have classss every ddy of phe week from beginning to expert,,frrm ladies only to phillren's courses and safetyyccass." class." employees at pshooterssworld" say they will keep their prices & easonabll...and hat they are - here for the long haul. 3 a maryland maa is sentenced tt more than 15- years for prostituting a 15- 3 times a day. "julioo
7:35 am
&pramoo" pleed guiltt friday tt using the girl on a rotating roster of call girls he marketed to day laborers. ramos prostttuted the -3 teen from 22099to 2010. hh used part f the money to pay a street gang known as m-s thirtten.. 3 p reknowned johns hopkins surgeon dr bennccrson is maaiin waves in washington this week. 3 doctor carson spoke out against political ccrrectness....the national debt....obamacarr...anddbig government....with the prrsidenn sittinggonly a few feet awwy.. in a - speecc at the national prayer breakfaatt...dr. caason crediteddhis mother ffr him. 3 3 "i had a mother ho believed in me and i had a mother 3 who neeer allowed herself to bb a victim ann no matter wwat 3 and never aacept excess from us." 3&p to hear all of dr. ben carson's speech log on to
7:36 am go to the news mmnuand then clickkon tte "your voice" section. & 3--3 3 anddyou can hear more from dr. carson tomorrow live on our &pweekend morning news. he'lll be joininn ussatt10 am sunday only here on foo 455 lookiig for something to pdo this weekend?? well 3&pmotor trend international auto show has rolled into - baltimore--giving participantss pccess to the latest rides---and ven letttng them wheel. amber iller iss pteaming now ffom the 3 expect this weekend. - &pthe shoo runs
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3 from 10 to 10 ttday and from 10 to 7 tickets are 10 bucks.childden seven to 12 ay four dollars, marianne.
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-3 3 p some cincinnati 3 high chool studdnts ulled a prank during tteir lunnhh - the principal is getttng thhelast laugh aftee she canceled heir prom..- prom. principal sharon pranns. she even held a meeting in the lunch room so that eeeryone would hear her. &p but the warning fell on death ars and as the lunch ppriod ended watee balloonss came flying eveey wherr. but now parentssare furiouu -33 at her tough repercussions. 3 a coupll of people slippedd pell. we had one youngglady on crutchess"//butt to//"its unfortunate that it happened. pt disappointee me to have to ttke the prrm awayy i was looking forward tt the rom ass well ." 3 have deciidd o organize their own event. 3 thinking of gettinn
7:40 am
another ddgree?before you apply... we're helping ou out witt - four majors... you don''á of georgetown university.... theee arr the degrees... that probably guarentee yooua ssoo - linn.liberal rts... thee unemployment rate is just over 9-percent.the seeond... philosophy aad religious -3sttdiees.. right now it's att almost 11 perccnt in information syyttms... right now it's aa 11-percent.and finally... arcciteeture... & it's unemployyent rate is almost 14-percent.. 3& coming up... --3palentinee day is just days away. ater the brrak i'lll it down with our relatiooship expert hoo & as tips on what you hhuld do to make that date a perfect 3 3 while some states aae &pworried about snow and ice,,,,,others are worried about raining spiders. where these repper crawlers &pare ffaling anddwhat appeeedd -when people seen them ccming
7:41 am
&pfrom the skies. you'rr watching fox45 morning news... all local... all &pmorning. 3 ((break 5))
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the corner. and some of the world's brightest talents are up for grammyy. "dan springer" has a & prrview of sunday ight's show" show" &pp3 final reparations are being made forrthee55th annual grammm awwrds on sunday night. sot - portnow says: "... ww will be cellbrating ffom the minute we hit the stage and there's lots of great - pominees, great performances and youuknow those great unexppcted pairings and we pill ccrtainlyyhave a lot of & british singer adele dominated
7:44 am
last year's show, bbt this year wwll likkly be about the sons, f...n. , rocker dan -& auerbach, jay-z ann kanye west eachhearned ixxnominations, while auerbach's and, the black kkys, receiveddfivee idol wiiner kelly claakson - scored four nodd, aylor swift carly rae jjpsen pickee up two including bess song for ""all - me maybe." bbsides & hhnoriig the besttof 20122 the evening is also a celebrationn oo the year in music with more live. hoping to avoid controversy, cbs sent a letter to the artists asking that they wear appropriate outfits oo stage.sot - portnow says: "... the artists are familiar with receeving these notices so i think it's muuc a o pbout noohing quite honestty." the nominees have been & partyyng like rocc stars all - week attpre-show eventt and picking up free sstff at &pgiftiig suites... sot - fary sayss ... this is theer - thank you for being a part of
7:45 am
phe show. they don't get paid -3 toobe hhre so what they do get is about wenty five ttousand dollars worth f ttank ou giftss hat we put ogether for - some of our favorite clieets." -3 and for the ppoducces, preparing for such a massive sot - ehrlich says: .... you're robably gging to see 90 percent of what you didn't pee in previous yeers. the -3coontancy is greaa performannes on stage. the constancy is we go foo these great momentt we tryyto create don't see nnwhere else nd we goo a loaadof them his year and ww're really exccted abouu them." in hollywood, dan spriiger, fox news.. -3 3 snow is cooing down in the northeast... but it might be accually "snowing ssiders" in - brazil.spiders appear to be &pdangliiggfrom eleccric lines and other surfaces in this youtube videooit's unclear why & such a annee.but... experts saa several species of spiders actually coooerate in cclonies ann have extensive social &pnetworrs.
7:46 am
&pááadlib weather chatáá
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33 3 ((ad lib meteorooogist))
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3 ggaring up for the big day of romance. &p our relationship expert is here with the top 5 things you should'nt do ddring your & valentine'ssdatee you're watching fox45 morning news.. all locall. all orning. p3((break 6))
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7:50 am
3 day is just 5-days away and many of you may e getting ready for that firsttdatteor a pate in general. but &plucky for you we havv "susan
7:51 am
trombetti"..... our rrlationship expert who ii herr to give you the top 5 ádon'tsá of a first &p-what's the 3& first thing you don't want o 3
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33 comiig p after the break... & 3 owws your weekend shaping up. tony has yyur 7-day forecast after the break. you're watching fox45 morninggnews.. all local.. ll morning.
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3 áááx chat -- 7 day forecastáá
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33 3 páadlib goodbyeááá, 7
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